Real time AI driven health and safety system for industrial applications.

Our customers benefit from safer work areas with Eyecue™. Our vision intelligence system never sleeps and ensures workers are following safety protocols. The data generated can be used to improve processes and to enhance training.

Accurate Detection

Highly accurate object & human detection.

Reduce Incidents

Significant reductions in reportable safety incidents.

Safer Workplace

Safer work and equipment usage policies driven by data and footage


Eyecue™ delivers data and footage that can help to improve work practices, not just opinions.

Our configurable solutions track humans, vehicles, equipment, and their interactions in key operational applications.


Live system monitoring of hazardous work activities warns and alerts workers when behavioral drift occurs, to remind them of documented work practices or procedures.

We use customer processes or procedures to teach our system what types of work is safe and what is potentially unsafe according to the tasks being performed.

We have worked with Human Factors experts to understand how and why people do what they do when they work. We use these inputs to refine our AI and Machine Learning technology, to deliver escalating alerts to draw worker attention before safety incidents occur. There is a fine line between awareness, annoyance and intervention for workers – we bridge that gap.

This allows Eyecue™ to deliver meaningful solutions that keep workers safer proactively without annoying them. We highlight potential unsafe behaviour before it becomes dangerous.

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Large Vehicle Maintenance

Our smart system monitors operations 24 hours a day and never gets tired of watching.

Maintenance on large vehicles is statistically the 2nd riskiest job on a site. Eyecue™ software is used to recognize the complex steps and equipment used in tyre changing or other HV maintenance procedures. We have worked with key industry and human factors partners to design a smart safety system that alerts when non-procedural potentially dangerous events take place to provide a safer working environment.

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Safety Monitoring

Monitor potentially hazardous areas remotely

Our Eyecue™ system can be used to continuously monitor hazardous areas 24/7, both autonomously and remotely. The system can provide alerts when humans or vehicles enter an area to perform work. The system can also decide to cut off machinery remotely if any hazardous activity occurs. Eyecue™ gives you an extra pair of eyes watching over your worker safety.

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Exclusion Zones

Temporary or permanent – security or safety

Eyecue™ can be used to set temporary or permanent exclusion zones. It may be as simple as setting a temporary exclusion zone under people working at heights, or it could be a permanent security zone – where staff need to be alerted when there is unauthorized access. Eyecue™ is designed to be configurable and uses rules-based logic. Our customers decide how they want to use it.

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Real time safety systems that enhance worker security and safety.


Remotely Monitor coupling operations or set exclusion zone alerts.


Eyecue™ keeps workers safer around moving equipment in logistics and warehouse environments.


Monitor safe Human, equipment, and vehicle interactions – set alert and alarm thresholds.

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